Time Out

Fuzz is a new breed of music company – combining a next-generation music label, a powerful artist promotion platform, and a feature-rich interactive community that engages artists and fans to promote, discover, share, review, influence, buy, and sell music.
WineQuest provides a wine program management system that makes wine a more profitable business for hotels, restaurants and wine suppliers by creating guest-friendly wine lists, providing effective staff training and offering proven strategies to increase sales, margins and customer satisfaction.
Tony Khalife is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and tabla player who captivates his audience with a brilliant interweaving of Indian, Middle-Eastern, Flamenco and Rock 'n Roll styles. His original blend of world music inspires a vision of global unity and peace.
Little Kids Rock brings free music classes and musical instruments to children in our public elementary schools, replacing programs that have been eliminated due to budget cuts. The modern curriculum revitalizes music education by focusing on popular music styles such as rock, funk, blues, rap and hip-hop.
Invisible IT provides a comprehensive outsourced IT service for businesses with critical dependencies on their internal computing, networking and telephony infrastructure.
Rainfinity provides high availability software that enables continuous access to e-business applications. Designed for enterprises and service providers with critical online applications, Rainfinity's software helps organizations maximize revenue and productivity by eliminating the impact of failures, and providing a positive end user experience.
iPass enables mobile workforces to securely access their corporate networks, email and the Internet with a local connection from virtually anywhere in the world. The easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use iPass client provides access through wireless and wireline broadband, ISDN, dial-up, and other media. (Founder and director of marketing prior to consulting business).
Imperito Networks
Imperito Networks provides a managed virtual private network (VPN) service that radically simplifies the deployment and administration of secure access to network resources for remote users and business partners. Designed for service providers and corporations, InstantVPN™ can be rolled out within minutes.
CrystalVoice Communications
CrystalVoice Communications, the Voice-Over-Internet company, provides the first hardware and software-based platform for developers to voice-enable virtually any application -- giving businesses and consumers telephone-quality voice over the public, unmanaged Internet.
R101 provides capacity-building solutions to Bay Area nonprofits that need to increase the number of clients served, reduce costs, and scale their organizations. The R101 ebusiness grant includes client-centered strategy development and the software, implementation and training to execute the strategy and ensure long-term sustainability.
UltraDevices provides fixed wireless broadband equipment enabling ISPs and carriers rapid, affordable deployment of high-speed Internet access to individual and small business customers.
FoundryOne combines best-practice tools and acceleration methodologies, consulting services, and technology to provide global 5000 corporations an "in-house" incubator for highly leveraged creation of new businesses.