Time Out

Karen's clients and colleagues provide her with exceptional references. Here is what some of them have to say...

Mark Cromack, President and CEO, CrystalVoice Communications
"It has been a pleasure to have Karen as part of our team. She has an excellent process for extracting the market needs and message, she is bright, organized, has high energy, and stays focused on the tasks at hand. She is also very efficient with her time, our time, and our money - a critical factor for most early-stage companies. At the rapid pace we are moving, it has been important for us to have someone that we can count on to drive our corporate communications and make good decisions, enabling us to focus on overall business strategy and customer development."

Olivier Helleboid, President and CEO, Rainfinity
"Karen has worked with our marketing team to put in place more results-driven and measurable plans around market awareness, public relations and lead generation. She has also been fantastic at working with us to carefully think about our corporate positioning, gain consensus among a diverse team and articulate our unique and compelling advantage. Her objective view and practiced methodology for this process was invaluable."

Bill Ferguson, former President and CEO, Imperito Networks
"Karen's experience and talent were very helpful to Imperito. She got us off on the right foot the very first day when she provided critical leadership to our marketing team's redirection, facilitating discussions and consensus that really built stronger positioning and messaging. This led to more compelling language getting incorporated throughout our communications. Her further work with our marketing team, PR agency and website helped us fill gaps that we had at the time. Karen is an excellent resource to any rapidly growing early-stage company."

Chris Kloes, VP Sales, Invisible IT
"Karen created and implemented a comprehensive marketing package for Invisible IT in record time. What would have normally taken six months to complete, she executed very cost-effectively in two months. It was great to be able to draw upon her significant experience in helping early stage companies create clear and concise messaging."

Brett Clay, VP Business Development, CrystalVoice Communications
"Karen has been invaluable to getting our marketing efforts underway. She focused on our most critical marketing needs and quickly drilled into our business and technology to help us better articulate our corporate positioning and competitive advantage. She is strategic, but also fantastic at hands-on execution. My concerns about bringing in a "high-end" marketing consultant vanished and the cost has been well-justified. Any technology start-up would gain tremendous benefit from her assistance."

Eileen Stanley, former VP Technology, Edelman Worldwide
"Karen is a natural leader, who not only achieves real, measurable results but has the consensus and team-building skills needed to drive integrated teams to new levels of excellence. When we worked together at iPass, Karen made our public relations agency a true part of the overall iPass team, bringing about the results that are often hindered by the unfortunately common divisions between external and internal groups."

Paul Bergevin, former VP Global Technology Practice, Edelman Worldwide
"I worked directly with Karen for almost four years at my former PR agency. As head of the firm's Global Technology Practice, I worked with a wide range of clients, large and small. The relationship with iPass, Karen's company, was surely one of the most fruitful partnerships in my experience. It is fair to attribute much of the success in this partnership to Karen's leadership of marketing. She possesses a clear eye for strategy and key objectives, provides the right environment for a partnership to grow, and leads by example through intelligence and hard work. She is very in tune with the market conversation, giving Karen a healthy perspective to position companies (and offerings) credibly, and to evaluate the contributions of others. As a leader, Karen knows how to motivate a team around shared visions and goals. We always worked hard for iPass because Karen made us all a part of their success."

Chris Lynch, Principal, Tiberon Firm - formerly responsible for iPass Corporate Development
"For companies in need of dynamic and effective marketing leadership, I wholeheartedly recommend Karen's services. Karen is an individual who not only works hard, she works smart and is an expert at pulling together the crucial elements of an effective marketing campaign and team, creating a real sense of partnership within the organization. At iPass, we could not have achieved the immediate visibility and credibility of the analysts and press without Karen's marketing leadership in the early stages of the company's growth. Her ability to powerfully position the organization and its service along with creating compelling messaging enabled iPass to gain the attention and the partnerships with leading firms which were crucial to the growth of iPass."

Nick Pritula, Creative Director, Diamond Bullet Design
"Working with Karen has been great! She is so thorough during the work process from beginning to end. That facilitates a detailed, on time, and on budget project that represents high quality. There are many variables to consider when developing Web Sites, and Karen's ability to communicate and work through those has lead to amazing results. It has been a pleasure working with her and I hope to continue doing more work with her in the future."