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Analyst Relations

Strong, sincere and mutually beneficial relationships with industry analysts can be instrumental to a company's success. It is helpful to begin building these relationships before an initial company or product launch.

Many companies don't invest in building strong industry analyst relationships early on. As a result, they miss important opportunities for business refining, customer introductions, and the creation of positive references for the company.

Companies should identify the top-tier analysts in their domain, and use available market research and one-on-one discussions with these analysts for fresh external views and feedback about the company. (They should also do this with customers, partners, board members and other industry advisors.) Karen brings relationships with several industry analysts, as well as many years of experience working with analysts to establish mutually beneficial relationships. It is imperative to have an experienced and mature individual interfacing with the analysts on behalf of the company.

Results & Benefits
Analysts help companies refine their product and marketing strategies by providing specific feedback about the company's positioning, product direction, go to market strategies and market challenges. Analysts also often carry a great deal of weight with the media and customers. Through word-of-mouth, research notes, and ongoing industry speaking engagements, they can be a key part of creating a positive buzz about a company. Once these relationships are established, they often serve as media references, resulting in improved quality and quantity of coverage. Analysts also often make important customer and partner introductions, resulting in increased sales.