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Lead Generation

Marketing is responsible for ensuring that the sales organization and channel have the tools required to meet their revenue objectives. This includes generating the appropriate number of qualified leads, at the appropriate time intervals.

There are several common problems with the way many organizations approach lead generation, which cause inefficiencies, wasted money and can severely impact the company's ability to achieve its revenue objectives: 1) Organizations rarely determine what an appropriate lead pipeline is to meet their current and future revenue objectives. 2) Many don't define what they consider a truly qualified lead. 3) Many don't define success measurements for a campaign. 4) Many marketers fail to get agreement from the sales team about the definition of a qualified lead or the process for lead follow up. 5) Marketing organizations rarely implement a closed-loop tracking system to track and report results, and easily allow for campaign or process refinement.

Karen works with organizations to identify their short and long-term revenue objectives and understand the product mix objectives, prices and sales cycles. This helps develop lead flow targets for the organization. She works with the team to define what a qualified lead is, and which campaigns will likely bring in the highest quantity of qualified leads for their value. Before campaign initiation, she helps put in place a lead qualification engine, defines success measurements and a lead follow-up process, and gets agreement and support from all those involved. Lastly, she helps implement a system to manage the follow-up process, and track and report results. Karen maintains a relationship with an established firm that can do much of this implementation very quickly, including building a telesales organization when that is appropriate.

Results & Benefits
This disciplined approach results in a clearly documented lead generation plan that identifies revenue objectives and maps campaigns to the objectives in order to generate the right amount of truly qualified leads at the right times. This makes it possible to adjust and refine programs rapidly because campaigns and follow-up results are available through ongoing reporting. This collaborative process also helps facilitate a solid relationship between the marketing and sales organizations.