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Marketing Plan

Developing a focused marketing and corporate communications plan with measurable goals that map to the corporate goals is imperative to achieving overall business success.

Activity can never be a substitute for results. It is remarkably common for companies to engage in activities that seem to support corporate goals, but lose sight of producing results. While these might be the right activities, it is often unclear how to prioritize them, and they are rarely measured to confirm whether success was achieved or to determine whether it is a good decision to put dollars towards similar programs in the future.

Through a focused set of one-on-one and group dialogs, Karen works with the executive team to fully understand the key corporate goals and marketing goals, and consider the best strategies and tactics to achieve them. She also helps ensure there is employee ownership and accountability for the execution.

Results & Benefits
This discipline results in a clearly documented marketing plan with goals, strategies, tactics, timelines, ownership and success measurement. This process forces a team to think hard about the big picture and make decisions about what programs will make the biggest impact toward achieving corporate goals. It helps maintain focus on key priorities and enables continuous measurement and accountability of success. It is also an excellent communication vehicle within marketing and across the company, and allows a team to respond more quickly to market or corporate changes, and make informed decisions and adjustments to strategy and execution.