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Positioning is determining one's rightful place in a market, and articulating it in a way that clearly identifies the company's unique value and competitive advantage. It is important to review and clarify positioning and key messages before developing marketing strategies or outbound communications.

Companies often jump right in to developing a business plan, presentations, sales tools, marketing collateral or a corporate website before they can clearly articulate what they do in a way that can be easily understood by a broad range of audiences (customers, investors, analysts, press, partners, employees). This causes confusion, inefficiencies in developing outbound communications, and sometimes inhibits a focused overall business strategy.

Karen brings experience and a practiced methodology that works for driving clear articulation of corporate positioning and key messages for each target audience. She has successfully managed this process with all of her clients to date, as well as numerous times in her inside marketing roles.

Results & Benefits
This process results in a very clear, concise corporate boilerplate and key messages for each target audience that can be consistently incorporated into all written and verbal communications. It brings to light any potential differences in thinking among the executive team and facilitates discussion and resolution of these differences, ensuring the team is completely aligned moving forward. It also introduces this practice into the company so that it can be revisited again when appropriate (typically every 3-6 months in an early-stage company).