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A successful public relations program is typically the most cost-effective method for increasing corporate visibility and credibility with target customers. It can also be an excellent means of demand creation and achieving perceived market dominance.

Getting the attention of the trade, business and broadcast media is increasingly challenging as new companies, products, and innovations arrive to the market at a record pace. To make this more challenging, many companies do not carefully evaluate and select the right agency based on their industries and unique needs. Even with the right agency, marketing often fails to set clear PR objectives with measurable results, and ensure there is an experienced internal person driving and supporting the PR team's needs.

Karen is known for developing strong, successful PR agency partnerships. She knows it is critical to match the skills and experience of an agency with the company's specific needs. She frequently evaluates PR professionals and agencies on behalf of her clients. Once selecting the appropriate agency, Karen uses a disciplined planning process with the PR team to set focused objectives and ensure there is agreement about what success is, how it will be measured, and ensure the team has what it needs to achieve success.

Results & Benefits
The PR agency evaluation process results in hiring a team with the appropriate industry knowledge, media relationships, and a track record of success. The disciplined planning process results in a clearly documented PR plan with goals, strategies, tactics, timelines, ownership and success measurement. This helps the team select and execute programs that will make the biggest impact to achieving the PR goals, helps maintain focus on key priorities, and enables continuous measurement and accountability of success. It also serves as an excellent communication tool between the company and agency.