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It is marketing's responsibility to help ensure the success of the sales team and channel in meeting the company's revenue objectives. This includes defining and developing the most critical marketing and sales weapons as quickly as possible.

There are several common problems with the sales tool development process that cause inefficiency and poor results: 1) If a company has not clearly defined and articulated its positioning and key messages, it is difficult to develop clear, consistent content. 2) Marketing often develops tools it assumes sales needs rather than listening to and considering the problems they are trying to solve, and determining the best methods to address the problems. 3) Many jump right into developing a tool (such as a white paper or datasheet) without considering the specific requirements and objectives to be met by the particular tool, and ensuring those who will use it are aligned with the objectives.

Karen brings experience and a practiced approach to working with sales, marketing and partners to understand what issues they are facing in the field, creatively thinking about the various ways to solve these issues, and driving or overseeing the development of the appropriate weapons ensure they meet the key objectives and needs of the users. She also works with the team to clarify corporate positioning and key messages first, before spending cycles on sales tool or web content development.

Results & Benefits
This approach to sales tool development results in a focused set of sales weapons that will meet the needs of those tasked with closing deals or generating revenue critical to the company's bottom line. Good communication, and disciplined thinking and planning around sales tool development also minimizes time and money spent. This process of requirements gathering and good listening also helps facilitate a healthy ongoing relationship between the sales and marketing functions.