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The corporate website is the "face" of the company. Just as we have immediate impressions when we first meet a person or first see the front of an office building or storefront, we make judgments about an organization the instant we are introduced to its website. The website should also facilitate and enhance all communication and transactions with viewers and users.

Most marketing professionals have not had multiple, in-depth, recent experiences overseeing website development. This inexperience can lead to inefficient and long development cycles, higher costs than necessary, a less than ideal site structure and flow, and an outcome that doesn't meet the needs of the organization. In addition, it may not be well structured to grow with the company.

Karen's website development process includes thoroughly identifying the company's short and long-term objectives across all functional areas, defining development phases for accomplishing key milestones quickly, and ensuring that short-term work will be continue to be viable as the site evolves to meet longer-term needs. Karen has overseen and executed numerous first-time websites for companies, done website critiques, and executed large site revamps, always with significant emphasis on clear messages and a positive user experience. She is accustomed to working rapidly with a controlled budget. She maintains excellent relationships with web design and development firms.

Results & Benefits
This process delivers a corporate website that meets the most critical needs of the organization across all functional areas. It will facilitate communication and transactions with site users, incorporate the company's design preferences, and clearly convey what the company does for its potential audiences. As appropriate, it will meet numerous functional objectives such as capturing and qualifying leads, providing support, processing orders, and decreasing time spent answering customer questions. Karen's process also ensures an efficient development cycle, minimizing design and development dollars.